Please read the return policy carefully before making any purchases on our site. If you make a purchase with us you agree to Pen Parts Store, LLC.  Return Conditions detailed below.

Returns are accepted only if the purchased item is misrepresented or defective in any way not detailed on the product description and/or there are any notorious discrepancies with the item and/or the item received is not the one ordered. New Old Stock items cannot be returned if they have been inked or dipped.

Vintage pens and pen parts are sold As Is and therefore they have no warranty in case they have to be repaired. Among other items, we offer used items that are sold as found and they may need to be revised after purchase. That is stated on all the item descriptions that need revision and we are not responsible for the repair needed on those items unless specified.


You have 5 (five) days since you receive the item to request a return for any of the aforementioned reasons. Please contact us to along with the item number and return reason. We reserve the right to decline refund if the item you wish to return is not the same item and/or is not in the same condition as delivered.

Returns are not accepted in any way for items purchased on Final Sale and Outlet.